Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Recent Venues
2022 - Belle Haven Country Club
2021 - Country Club of Buffalo
2020 - Tournament Not Played
2019 - Irondequoit Country Club
2018 - St. Clair Country Club
2017 - Pittsburgh Field Club
2016 - Bellevue Country Club
2015 - Saucon Valley Country Club

Contact Information

Williamsoncup Trustee
Joseph M. Loparco jloparco@carolina.rr.com Charlotte NC. USA
Michael Sorce MichaelSorce@rdga.org Rochester, NY. USA
Morris Whatmore mrw@mrwgroup.ca Windsor, Ontario. Canada
Michael Garr mgarr@verizon.net Sasasota, Florida
Chris Roselle croselle@gapgolf.org Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania USA
Williamsoncup Emeritus
J. Fred Christman GA of Philadelphia Wayne, PA
Donald Smith Rochester District GA Rochester, NY
Williamsoncup Honorary
Gerry Seitz hseitz@ssbb.com Rye, NY. USA
Advisory Board Position Contact
Morris Whatmore Communication mrw@mrwgroup.ca
Michael Garr Media Relations mgarr@verizon.net
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Lou Cutolo History & Traditions lcutolo@mgagolf.org
Mike Sorce Alumni Relations MichaelSorce@rdga.org
Gerry Seitz Williamson Cup Foundation hseitz@ssbb.com
Lou Cutolo Member Associations Liason lcutolo@mgagolf.org
2022 Host Organization
Washington Metro GA Michael Garr mgarr@verizon.net
Participating Golf Associations , Contact , E-Mail
Quebec Golf Association Jean-Pierre Beaulieu jpbeaulieu@golfquebec.org
  Eric Couture ecouture@golfquebec.org
Rochester District Golf Association Michael Sorce MichaelSorce@rdga.org
  Tim Vangallow info@rdga.org
Syracuse District Golf Association Todd Dischinger tdisch1992@gmail.com
  Andrew Hickey Andrew@nysga.org
Western Pennsylvania GA Terry Teasdale tteasdale@wpga.org
Delaware State Golf Association Laura Heien lheien@dsga.org
Golf Ontario Mike Kelly mkelly@gao.ca
  John Lawrence tournaments@gao.ca
Golf Association of Philadelphia Mark E. Peterson mpeterson@gapgolf.org
  Chris Roselle croselle@gapgolf.org
Metropolitan Golf Association Jay Mottola jmottola@mgagolf.org
  Lou Cutolo lcutolo@mgagolf.org
Washington Metropolitan GA Michael N Cumberpatch mcumberpatch@verizon.net
  Michael Garr mgarr@verizon.net
Buffalo District Golf Association Dave Delisanti ddelisanti@gmail.com

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